4G Ready Live Events Broadcasting - An Immersive Experience
  • November 25, 2022
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Consider having the option to change perspectives while watching a football game at home: at one time, you could see the entire field of play; at another, you could see it from the coach’s vantage point on the sidelines; and at a third, you could see it from the viewpoint of a player on the field.

You may view a live stream of the backstage action during a live event on your phone or tablet, even if you are sitting in the farthest row from the stage.

These two examples only scratch the surface of how 4G is altering how viewers and broadcasters cover live events. This could become the norm for many live events over the next few years with high-speed wireless Internet.

Broadcasters may be able to cover sporting events, concerts, breaking news, and other events more creatively and sensibly because of technology.

For viewers and spectators at home or the event, 4G might provide a more individualized, immersive experience, which might change expectations for how event coverage should be.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Coverage

Reducing Costs and Increasing Coverage

Trucks that enable traditional live television transmission using a satellite uplink may send a live signal back to a TV studio or network broadcasting station.

Some of those vehicles might become obsolete due to 4G’s ability to send vast volumes of data, including high-resolution video, directly from a device like a cell phone to the studio.

Since they could post journalists in more locations, broadcasters wouldn’t need five trucks to cover five spots.

TV stations may still choose to send out trucks occasionally, but they may also send out one- or two-person teams outfitted with the hardware needed to connect to open 4G networks in real-world situations.

According to the GSMA, a trade association for the mobile network industry, this might lead to a 90% reduction in production costs. Using technology and wireless Internet service, broadcast productions can be made easier.

This could reduce the overall cost of news gathering because local media occasionally has financial difficulties that can limit coverage.

Encounters of the Audience

Major events can be covered more thoroughly, thanks to 4G. Viewers can utilize 4G-capable devices to switch between various viewpoints and content while connected to the mobile network and yet experience the thrill of a shared live event.

For the 2022 Indianapolis 500, for instance, connected fans might use their 4G-capable smartphones and the official INDYCAR app to pick between seven real-time views of the event, including the primary broadcast and six additional ones.

In our scenario, broadcasters might be able to give viewers an even more immersive experience because of 4G’s potential for quick speeds and low latency, as well as the increasing number of cameras and features that are becoming available every day.

Instead of utilizing their phones as supplementary displays when watching events at home, viewers may have more access to full virtual reality experiences while watching events live.

These immersive productions can give fans a genuine sensation of access and presence. Artists already combine the metaverse and the real world in some ways.


One thing is certain: thanks to 4G technology, viewers—and fans—will always be at the center of live coverage of major events. Media companies also want to allow them to enjoy a unique experience.

The ability for viewers to choose their version of a live event to watch in their living rooms with loved ones or attend an event with thousands of other people is likely to become a reality as technology advances. If you want an immersive watching experience, look for the best wireless internet service providers!

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