8 Tips to Improve Your WIFI and Speed Up Your Internet

There is no such thing as too much bandwidth. Even if you have gigabit fiber mainlined into your router, everyone might benefit from assistance in obtaining faster internet across the home.

If you’re having problems with Wi-Fi at home, look at the tips below and try the easiest fixes first. You may be surprised at how much difference it can make.

  1. Avoid the Walls
Avoid the walls when placing your router

The single biggest obstacle to delivering a good Wi-Fi signal is the walls in the home. The first thing you need to do is identify where all the building walls are. Then, try to plan your router location to avoid the walls between rooms. If there are no other options, as much as it may pain you, you’ll need to run some Ethernet cables or move furniture around.

  1. Move the Router

The next option is to move the router to a better location. Depending on where you have it, there may be better options. The optimal location for your router is at the center of your home, near your modem.

  1. Use Multiple Routers

If you still have problem areas, use multiple routers throughout the house. You can connect the routers via Ethernet cable to provide the best performance and set them up wirelessly. This is probably the most cost-effective solution for many.

  1. Set the Channel

Try switching the channel on your wireless router. This can help if you have other wireless networks in the area. Instead of Auto, select a non-overlapping channel. The easiest way is to scan the other channels to see if they’re available. If you notice other Wi-Fi networks, set yours to a different channel. You can always check later if the channel you chose causes any problems.

  1. Enable MAC Address Filtering

If you have a large family or many people are connected to your wireless network, you may want to consider enabling MAC address filtering. This way, you may limit the number of wirelessly connected devices connected to the router. This is critical if you’ve had issues with sluggish internet speeds and frequent disconnections.

  1. Change the Channel Width

If you’re still having problems, you should change the channel width. This controls the width of the frequency band that the router uses to broadcast the signal.

The default setting is usually the best choice, but if you have problems, you might want to reduce the width to see if it solves the problem. You can even reduce the width to 20 MHz which can double your speed.

  1. Reduce Clutter
Remove Clutter Around Your Router

The final tip is to reduce the clutter on your home network. You can reduce the number of devices connected to the network by using a router to handle a significant number of devices. In addition, you can reduce the number of devices that are connected to any single device.

The fewer devices you connect to your router, the faster the internet will be. Of course, if you have a lot of devices to connect, try to connect them through Ethernet cables.

  1. Replace Your Router

If your router is more than a few years old, it’s time to look at replacing it. You can continue using the same one, but you’re missing out on better security and performance. Newer routers have better internal antennas that deliver faster speeds and better signal coverage throughout the house.


There is a lot you can do to optimize your home wireless network. If you have tried all these tips and still have problems, you might have a bad wireless adapter or router. Consider replacing both simultaneously to maximize the performance of your wireless network.

If you’re still having problems, you should consider consulting an expert. A wireless network professional can help optimize your router location and other settings to ensure you get the best and fastest connection possible.

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