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Connecting to the Internet through wires can easily disturb the speed levels and interrupt one’s access. This is why many people are now switching to fixed wireless technology. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading below.

What Is Fixed Wireless Internet?

What Is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless Internet is when the Internet is provided via wireless means that transmit wireless signals from an antenna to a modem or router. This means that the connection is not limited to one specific location. Instead, the Internet can be provided to a group of people or even an entire neighborhood. This option is also known as wireless Internet because no wires are used to connect to the Internet.

How Does Fixed Wireless Technology Work?

Fixed wireless Internet is provided via antenna or other wireless transmitters. The signals are sent through air or space to a wireless transmitter in your home or business. The signals are then transmitted directly to the modem or router so that your device can connect to the Internet.

What Are the Advantages of Fixed Wireless?

What Are the Advantages of Fixed Wireless?

The main advantage of fixed wireless technology is far less expensive than getting wired Internet. While it may be a little more expensive, depending on your area and the provider, it is a good investment overall as you get faster connections depending on your location and the provider.

Fixed wireless technology is also easy to install. Anyone who can install an antenna can also install fixed wireless technology. If you live in an area with no wired Internet, you can potentially get fixed wireless Internet from your home or business.

Is Fixed Wireless Different From Satellite Internet?

There are many similarities between fixed wireless and satellite Internet. Both use wireless technology so that you can connect to the Internet with your device. Satellite Internet is different because it uses satellites to transmit the signals, whereas fixed wireless uses wireless transmitters. Both are wireless and can be affected by weather conditions, but satellite Internet is much slower than fixed wireless.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

If you are looking to get your Internet connection fixed, there are some disadvantages to fixed wireless technology. One of the biggest disadvantages of fixed wireless is that it can be affected by outside elements, as it is wireless. The quality and speed can be affected by external variables. Additionally, if there are a lot of users in the area that are connected to the service, the connection will slow down.

Fixed wireless signals can sometimes get interrupted or jammed, which can interrupt service for everyone. If the distance between the wired receiver and the transmitters is far or if the antenna is not high enough, then the quality of the Internet may be affected.

How Much Does Fixed Wireless Cost?

That depends on the location and the provider. If you live in an area without wired Internet, the provider may be charging you more for the service, as it does not have to pay for the wiring. This is not something you should be concerned with if you do not have to pay for it yourself. Fixed wireless comes in many different packages, and whichever you choose will determine the price. However, it is more likely to be expensive compared to wired Internet.


Fixed wireless technology has made it much easier for those who do not have access to the wired Internet. Fixed wireless has better speeds, is faster, and is more reliable, making it an excellent alternative to the regular wired Internet.

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