Smart Tips and Tricks on Increasing Download Speed

Many factors might contribute to sluggish download speeds, and determining the root cause of your slow connection can be difficult at times. While some fixes are easy, such as checking your internet speed or restarting your computer, others are more involved.

The download speed is the number of megabits (Mbps) per second that your server takes to download data to your device. Downloads include files, movies, photos, and text. Any program you use on your devices, such as Spotify, Instagram, or YouTube, requires you to download data.

It’s crucial to know that the number of devices and internet users in your home might have an impact on download speeds. If your home consumption is moderate to high, which means you have more than 3 or 4 devices running simultaneously, your speeds may need to be increased to reach 25 Mbps.

Continue reading to learn about several methods for increasing download speed.

1. Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer can be a quick fix to low internet speeds, especially if you turned off your computer while downloading a file or watching a video. Restarting your computer will refresh your connection, meaning it will begin loading files or streaming videos from the server to your computer again.

2. Make Sure Your Modem and Router are Working Properly

Make Sure Your Modem and Router are Working Properly

A router is a small, long-range device that connects to the modem and sends data to all devices within the router’s range, typically being a home or apartment. If your router is experiencing problems, it will result in a slower connection.

To check if your router is working properly, turn your computer and router off for up to 30 seconds. If the connection begins working properly, you may need to update your router’s firmware.

3. Download One File at a Time

It is not unusual for your download to fail while downloading many files simultaneously. This might be because your gadget isn’t designed to handle huge file downloads. To make things simpler, download one file at a time. While this may appear to be paradoxical, it can end up saving time.

4. Try a Different Browser

If you are having problems playing videos or loading images, try switching to another browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you’re using Internet Explorer, try downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. Chrome and Firefox have better compatibility with the HTML5 features and coding used in many videos.

You may also try to download updates for the browsers you have. You can do this by going to the browser’s official website, or downloading the newest version of the browser.

5. Clear Your Cache

Clear Your Cache

Cached data on your browser stores data on your computer so that you don’t have to download it again. Clearing your cache will free up memory on your computer and allow you to load more data. To clear your cache, open your browser’s URL bar at the top of your screen and type in “CTRL + F5” on a Windows computer or “Command + Shift + R” on a Mac.

6. Limit the Number of Connected Devices

If you have multiple devices using your connection simultaneously, you may need to increase your download speed. Multiple devices can slow down performance, resulting in low internet speeds.

To limit the number of devices on your connection, you can buy a router with a built-in firewall. Alternatively, you can go to your settings on each device and note the name of each device connected to your network. You can then set up a router that can block specific devices from the internet.


While some fixes are easy, others require more time and effort. To avoid problems with your download speed, make sure your device is connected to the internet and restart your computer or router if needed.

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