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Experience high-speed internet without credit check and contract.

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Unlimited Monthly Data

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Try our 14 day Risk Free Trial today and see why Fetch Wireless is the top dog in rural home internet service.

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We bring reliable wireless internet straight to the heart of rural America. Just order and plug in our modem for instant access on any Wi-Fi-enabled device – no hassle, just fast data.




Speed & Packages

Enjoy unlimited data for your entire home: stream, game, work with fast, high speed internet at an affordable price

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Get the Fastest Streaming Experience

Our network delivers High-Speed and Low Ping rates, ideal for streaming crisp videos, enjoying smooth online gaming, and browsing with ease – all the online activities you love, with the speed you need!

Asked Questions

How does Fetch work?

Fetch Wireless uses existing infrastructure to provide internet to our users.

What makes Fetch Wireless different?

Fetch Wireless leverages the infrastructure of trusted high-speed wireless internet carriers to extend internet accessibility to our users. This ensures that Fetch Wireless Internet is available virtually anywhere through our network partnerships.

How much does Fetch Wireless Rural Internet cost?

You can get the Fetch Unlimited Wireless home Internet plan for just $129.99/month, which is almost two times cheaper than what you will get from other MVNOs.

Can I game with Fetch Wireless?

Fetch Wireless provides high-speed internet with a national average download speed, along with an ultra-low ping rate. Unlike Satellite Internet, there are no restrictions on the type of games you can play.

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